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As a professional writing website, relies on Customer’s orders for the success of its business. Once you make your order with, you accept the following conditions:

  1. Product Use - does not condone or support submission of its products to third parties. The papers produced are to be regarded as research materials, study materials and work examples produced by the Customer.
  2. Contact Details - As a Customer, you are responsible for providing us with accurate information regarding your contact details. The company bears no liability for late delivery of work done due to in-correct contact information.
  3. Cancellation of Orders - the Company reserves the right to refund Customers after an order is cancelled. This is because a writer’s input into the work has to be considered, and compensated. The Customer can also save the sum as a credit amount for his next orders, instead of getting a refund.
  4. Resource Materials - writers use the most extensive research database for their resource materials used in your papers. However, our writers are open to using any specific resources that you might request for, to provide together with your order. You can easily upload the documents to your account. It is important that you provide the additional resources as quickly as possible. Failure to provide them on a timely basis might delay the completion of an assignment. can buy the required sources with your approval especially if they are not available on the online platform. An additional invoice will be created and sent to the Customers in this case.
  5. Customer’s Instructions - As the Customer, you have the responsibility to provide all the vital details for your order. You should also respond adequately and on time to writers’ requests for clarification/ additional information. does not bear responsibility for inadequately finished products due to incomplete information received from Customers. When the finished products do not meet the Customer’s requirements in the original order, free revision services will be offered. When the revision requests are a deviation from the original order, charges will occur.
  6. Plagiarism Policy - has a plagiarism policy that protects our Customer’s work. Once your papers are completed, they are passed through our plagiarism scanner. We will send the scan results together with your final papers. If in a rare occurrence, a part of your papers is considered to be plagiarized, will carry out free revision on the papers.
  7. Technical and Electronic Issues - will not be liable for delivery delays that result from technical failures, power blackouts, electronic failures and difficulties related to the Internet server.
  8. Payment Procedures - It is the responsibility of the Customer to pay for the whole order within the required time.  When you agree to Terms of Use, you automatically give the company permission to charge the amount to your credit card. Your assigned writer will not begin working on Customer’s paper until full payment is received. Your order will be visible to your assigned writer after full payment is made. support team is available to you every day around the clock. When your papers are not delivered in a timely fashion, will:
  • Re-calculate the price of the papers.
  • Make partial refunds to cover the time delivery difference.
  • You can save the amount/ credit it to use it for your future orders.
  1. Late Deliveries and Deadlines - prides itself in keeping prompt deadlines. We guarantee you that our writers will meet the deadlines that you set for them. will not be liable for the following circumstances leading to late deliveries:
  • Billing Information Verification – It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide with accurate billing information. You should verify the request via your email so that compliance with the anti-fraud policy can be maintained.
  • Communication Channels:
  1. Email – It is the Customer’s responsibility to regularly check the email accounts provided in your order. Delays which occur because of failure to respond to questions, requests and concerns posed by your assigned writer will be considered as neglected by the Customer. is not liable for late deliveries of orders due to Customer’s negligence.
  2. Phone -You should provide valid phone numbers that you access in case your assigned writer calls or the support team for clarification related to your orders. will not be liable for any delays caused by Customer’s negligence.
  • Proofreading and Editing - When the scope of your work changes, or additional information is added to the order package, this will not fall under the revision policy. Such alterations will be considered editing services, and additional charges will be implemented. It will automatically be reflected on your project deadline.
  • Source Specifications and Clear Instructions - The initial order should provide your assigned writer with precise instructions for your paper. When the source materials required are rare, or un-available in the public domain, you should provide specifications for the needed sources. The schedule includes the following:
  1. Within 8 hours after first order - When the paper requires 48 hours-14 days completion period.
  2. Within 1hour after first order -When the paper requires 12hours-24hours completion period.
  3. Within 30 minutes - When the paper requires 12 hours or less.
  • Academic Levels -The Customer is responsible for selecting the specific academic level he/she requires when making the first order. When you make mistakes, contact the support team immediately. Kindly note that additional changes will be charged.
  1. Order Cancellations - When a Customer cancels their order with, a formal email should be written before the writer starts working on your assignment. reserves the rights to reject an order that has violated our agreement.
  2. Customer Acknowledgement - As a Customer, once you make your order, you immediately agree to the disclaimer provisions provided herein. Once you place your order with, you are bound by the Terms of Use of user agreement. Our goal is to provide premium quality papers and services for our Customer’s academic success. In case of any queries or concerns, we will respond to you as soon as possible. You can check our FAQ page to find some of your questions which are already answered therein.