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Our goal is to ascertain that every Customer if fully satisfied with a delivered piece of writing. To attain this goal, we will do the best by assigning qualified writers to tackle the paper. In case there is a need to carry out a revision on the delivered piece of writing; our policy is as indicated below:

A request for revision may be made within 7 days after order is received. If you submit your order for revision later than the 7 day period, an extra cost will be charged. If you delay placing a revision request, kindly contact Customer service representative to discuss the charge details.

While placing directions for revision, be sure not to deviate from the substance of the original order. For instance, any additional information you request for, that was not in the original order, will be charged. In such a case you need to communicate with the Customer Support Department to discuss the revision cost. If your revision request is not deviating from the original order, the revision task will not be charged any extra cost.

Other Cases When A Customer Will Be Required To Pay For The Revision Include:

If the Customer changes instructions while the writer in charge of the order has already commenced the writing exercise, the extra cost will be charged.  There are also instances where a Customer receives comments and feedbacks from the professor that are required to be fixed in the order already assigned to a writer.  In such a case, Customer Support Manager will evaluate and consult with the writer on the number of pages that will be needed in order to follow the comments from the professor. The Customer will be required to pay for the additional pages. Customers are encouraged to communicate these changes as soon as they can.

There are cases where the Customer mistakenly submits wrong information that affects the paper instructions. If the Customer fails to contact the Customer Support Department within 2 hours after payment, additional payment will be required.

The sources to be used for the paper may not be provided online for free. In such a case, the Customer should either buy the sources, or extra fee will be charged to cater for purchasing the sources.  If the Customer was contacted on the issue and did not provide feedback or team failed to contact the Customer regarding the information, and the writer uses the materials found all further additional sources sent by Customer will be considered as new information, and any revisions will be paid.

A Customer may feel that the work needs a touch of a different writer. In such case, he or she has the right to request a revision to be done by another writer. We are pleased to comply with such requests.

We highly value the satisfaction levels of our Customers and thus the revision requests are permissible until the desired level of satisfaction is attained by the Customer.

Here at we aim to provide high-quality academic help to our Customers. We prioritize the requirements of our Customers and thus we pick out the best team to handle the assignments. There are a few situations where the Customer’s specifications are not met. If we do not meet your specifications entirely, we will be available to revise your paper.

In order for you to access our unlimited revisions without being charged, the following conditions should be met.

The instructions provided for your initial request should not contradict with the original requirements. In case our Quality Assurance Department indicates that the initially provided instructions were met, the revision request will be nullified.

The revision request should be sent either before you approve the essay order or within the next 7 days after approval. If the paper exceeds 20 pages, free revision request can be presented within the next 14 days after approval. If a Customer needs his or her paper revised, he or she should send a revision request by contacting Customer Support Department. This can be done via chat, phone or email.

Note: All revision comments are accepted in written form only.

If the Customer is not gratified with the paper after downloading, he or she has the option of sending Revision request by contacting our Customer Support Department.

Any additional requirements and extra pages needed or if the revision request does not meet the conditions for revision a new order should be placed. In the new order, ensure that clear instructions should be provided on the changes to be made in the assignment. In the case of additional pages, a new order can be placed if the revision period is expired or simply make additional payments for the pages needed.

After approval, you may discover the need to revise the paper. The deadline of 7 days and 14 days for a paper with more than 20 pages is to be remembered. This situation requires one to contact the support team for guidance on how to go about it. If the deadline period has expired, you will be required to place an order for proofreading and editing services since you cannot access the free revision service anymore.

After revision, the approval deadline is 14 days after the final version has been sent to your personal account page. In case, the deadline has passed the assignment revised paper will be considered approved.